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Book Review: The Boys of ‘93

In the autumn of 1990, just seven years after guiding Derry to an All Ireland Minor title, Eamonn Coleman was parachuted in from a footballing exile in London to help bring the Derry seniors back into the realm of respectability. Barely three years since his native county had won the Ulster SFC crown, in 1987, … Continue reading Book Review: The Boys of ‘93

Super 8s 2018 Preview

It has only taken 53 GAA Football Championship games to get here, but the highly-anticipated Super 8s is finally upon us, with four games at Croke Park this weekend to kick-off the series. In this UnTitled Extra, we’ll get you prepared for the next month’s action.

Why Donegal Will Be Super 8s Fall Guys

The loss of Paddy McBrearty is not the only thing posing a problem for Donegal ahead of the Super 8s series. The way the fixtures fall could leave the Ulster champions under pressure straight away.

Football Counties Falling Into Middle Income Trap

Although Carlow and Fermanagh enjoyed high-profile wins in 2018, they have fallen into the same trap as those mediocre soccer teams who risk losing the future generation of players in order to gain immediate results.

Mickey Harte Needs to Ignore Begrudgers

It’s amazing how quickly the popular narrative turns in the world of Gaelic games. Back in February, there was a highly-publicised post-match interview between Tyrone manager Mickey Harte and BBC reporter Mark Sidebottom, following Tyrone’s 2018 McKenna Cup Final defeat to Donegal. The interview was interesting for a number of reasons.  One of those was … Continue reading Mickey Harte Needs to Ignore Begrudgers

All-Stars Are Back In Vogue

Maybe it’s just me, but this year’s All-Star awards (sponsored by those old GAA enthusiasts, PWC) generated more debate and were much more fun than usual. This year’s response from the over-excitable masses (mainly Twitter and the sporting wing of digital media publishers) shouldn’t have necessarily come as a surprise. The 2017 All Ireland Final … Continue reading All-Stars Are Back In Vogue

When Derry Ruled the Royals

Clones on a grey Saturday evening in the middle of May is not the most appetising of places in which to find yourself, especially if the reason you’ve travelled to Monaghan’s famous border-town is to watch a National League game. This is exactly what Derry fans found themselves doing in May 2000, when the Oak … Continue reading When Derry Ruled the Royals

The Curse of the Tribe

There’s a curious, yet seemingly satisfying obsession with sporting curses across the world. A lot of them are mindless nonsense, obviously, but they provide a convenient excuse for certain teams’ inability to succeed, and more importantly, they give comfort to fans during the darkest hours of fandom. God knows, we Derry fans need comfort from … Continue reading The Curse of the Tribe