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Donegal ready to halt Kingdom’s new groove: Super 8s Round Two preview

After the anti-climax of last year’s inaugural running of the Super 8s, that would have struggled to get out of single digits on Rotten Tomatoes, we’re hopeful the 2019 version of the GAA’s super-hyped quarter-final round robin series provides at least a modicum of entertainment. It was the final of the opening games last year … Continue reading Donegal ready to halt Kingdom’s new groove: Super 8s Round Two preview

UnTitled: NFL 2019 Preview Edition

We’re on the cusp of another GAA football season. The start of the Allianz Leagues/NFL/national league is just five days away.

So, What Happened During the Intercounty Offseason?

New rules, new managers, new Leinster club champions: get yourself ready for the new GAA football season by reacquainting yourself with the biggest storylines from the intercounty offseason.

Super 8s 2018 Preview

It has only taken 53 GAA Football Championship games to get here, but the highly-anticipated Super 8s is finally upon us, with four games at Croke Park this weekend to kick-off the series. In this UnTitled Extra, we’ll get you prepared for the next month’s action.

Why Donegal Will Be Super 8s Fall Guys

The loss of Paddy McBrearty is not the only thing posing a problem for Donegal ahead of the Super 8s series. The way the fixtures fall could leave the Ulster champions under pressure straight away.


Get your football week off to the best start.